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How to Start a Private Equity Firm

How to Start a Private Equity Firm – and Why You Probably Shouldn’t

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Will Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, or UBS Be Lehman Brothers 2.0?

Will Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, or UBS Become Lehman Brothers 2.0?

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Structured online training programs to help you break into investment banking and private equity and succeed on the job.

Level 1 • Get Started Breaking Into Investment Banking

IB Networking Toolkit

Win investment banking interviews with detailed guides and dozens of templates for informational interviews, cold emails, cold calls, weekend trips, information sessions, and more.
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IB Interview Guide

Land investment banking job offers with 578+ pages of detailed tutorials, templates and sample answers, quizzes, and 17 Excel-based case studies.
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Level 2 • Learn Excel, Financial Modeling, and PowerPoint

Excel & VBA

Learn Excel shortcuts, formatting, formulas, graphs, and data analysis, and then automate your workflow with VBA.
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Financial Modeling Mastery

Learn accounting, 3-statement modeling, valuation, and M&A and LBO modeling from the ground up with 15+ global case studies. One of our most popular investment banking courses.
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PowerPoint Pro

Master PowerPoint by creating a sell-side M&A and valuation pitch book for Jazz Pharmaceuticals - plus company/deal profiles and more.
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BIWS Premium

Get the Excel & VBA, Financial Modeling Mastery, and PowerPoint Pro courses together and save $194 – a 25% discount.
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Level 3 • Upgrade Your Skills With Industry-Specific Modeling

Real Estate Modeling

Master financial modeling for real estate development and private equity and REITs with 8 short case studies and 9 in-depth ones based on real properties as well as companies like AvalonBay.
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Bank Modeling

Master bank accounting, valuation, M&A, and buyouts with 4 global case studies based on Shawbrook, KeyCorp / First Niagara, ANZ, and the Philippine Bank of Communications.
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BIWS Platinum

The most comprehensive package on the market today for investment banking, private equity, hedge funds, and other finance roles. Includes ALL the courses on the site, plus updates and any new courses in the future.
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Resume Editing and Coaching

Resume/CV Editing

Transform your Resume/CV into a document that instantly catches bankers' attention and wins you interviews and offers.
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Private Coaching

Discuss, brainstorm, and troubleshoot your strategy for breaking into finance with coaches who are also experienced bankers.
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Watch detailed video tutorials with downloadable Excel files, transcripts and more.

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